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The Second Substance

Anne Lardeux, Coach House Books, 2022

Oie de Cravan, Nullica, 2021

Rural squatters seek a freer life on the ashes of petrocivilization

Lardeux considers how we atrophy and flourish, how we survive and decay, how we inhabit the substance of which we are made. 
By turns sensual and poetic, The Second Substance is a book of images and ideas tied together by a thin plot… has a haunting and vulnerable quality…
Rendered with a wondrous, ambient dread by translator Pablo Strauss… a beguiling, bawdy chronicle of the lives orbiting an anarchist squat… The overall effect is one of absolute atmosphere, in which the bleak, necropastoral landscape — from junkyards to derelict nuclear power plants — is as integral to the novel’s emotional heart as its vivid characters… Claims a unique corner of its own within the wide field of contemporary dystopian lit.

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