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The Country Will Bring Us No Peace

Matthieu Simard, Coach House Books, 2019/Influx Press, 2021 (UK)

Ici ailleurs, Éditions Alto, 2019

A poignant exploration of grief and its aftermath.

Simard wrote one of those books that perfectly suits itself: all of the elements, the prose, the characters, style, the structure, and the gambits work for the feelings and experience it aims to express, right through to the beautiful and haunting ending.
A strange and eerie book about grief; not overcoming it, but being overtaken by it...
A revelation, a dark jewel. A haunting presence.
The novella delivers gut-and-heart-wrenching twists in a language which, throughout, retains a distinctive, elegiac lyricism expertly conveyed in this English translation by Pablo Strauss. This is a special book.
A bleak, strangely poetic narrative full of mystery that explores the darkest corners of human emotion, The Country Will Bring Us No Peace is an outstanding novel with a depressive atmosphere that sticks to your ribs and refuses to let go.
Superbly controlled and imaginatively translated...

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