Coach House Books, September 2020: In Christiane Vadnais’s debut, ten lush and bracing linked climate fictions depict a world gorgeous and terrifying in its likeness to our own. The sumptuous imagery and limpid atmosphere forms a dizzying picture of a world after human existence. – Publishers Weekly  |  Reminiscent of Ovid, Kafka, and Wells …

Camp Spirit/What If We Were

Two exciting graphic novels by Axelle Lenoir, co-translated with Aleshia Jensen, from Top Shelf/IDW and Penguin Random House.  See sample pages: Camp Spirit|What If We Were (French version) “[Camp Spirit] was exceptionally fun, lightly spooky, and a great read for both YA readers and lovers of graphic novels. I definitely felt the camp nostalgia, and

The Country Will Bring Us No Peace

From Coach House Books, September 2019. “One of those books that perfectly suits itself: all of the elements, the prose, the characters, style, the structure, and the gambits work for the feelings and experience it aims to express, right through to the beautiful and haunting ending.” – PT Smith, Montreal Review of Books “Despite the novel’s


Released in September 2019 by House of Anansi Press. From the publisher: In Benediction, Olivier Dufault recreates the true story of his distant relative Ernest’s incarceration in a Nevada prison for rustling cattle and his subsequent reinvention of himself as “Will James.” Relying on authentic historical materials including letters, telegrams, and court documents as much as

Of Vengeance

Published in September 2019 by Dundurn Press, J.D. Kurtness’s pitch-black comedy is an unforgettable tale of a brilliant young woman who will go to great lengths to craft the perfect revenge. J.D. Kurtness won the 2018 Indigenous Voices award for French prose for the original De vengeance (L’instant-même, 2017). “a voice-driven novella” … “chilling justification

The Dishwasher

A massive hit in Quebec, Stéphane Larue’s Le Plongeur is a harrowing tale of battling addiction and coming of age set at the turn of the millennium in Montreal’s restaurant industry. Released as part of the Biblioasis International Translation Series in August 2019. Read an excerpt on Lithub. Vivid and moving. – New York Times  |  The narrative


Released by Talonbooks in 2019. Finalist, Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation, 2019 From the publisher: “Synapses depicts a vast society of differing psyches, all unique, idiosyncratic, and interconnected. Simon Brousseau’s beautifully crafted literary snapshots, each written in a single, stylistically accomplished sentence and featuring a different character, will linger with readers.” Each snapshot, laid out

The Supreme Orchestra

“The Supreme Orchestra is many things at once: a geopolitical thriller, an art-world exposé, a digressive social study, a mischievous parody. In the line of master ironists like Walser and Nabokov, with a comic timing reminiscent of Hergé and a Flaubertian infatuation with le mot juste, David Turgeon has created a novel like no other.” Published by Coach House Books in November 2018.

Granta 141

In Granta 141: Canada I translated “Writing While Worried,” Fanny Britt’s moving personal essay on balancing family responsibilities and the writing life while learning to embrace existential angst.

The Longest Year

“Spanning three centuries and set against the backdrop of the Appalachians, from Quebec to Tennessee, The Longest Year is a magical and poignant story about family history, fateful dates, fragile destinies, and lives brutally ended and mysteriously extended.”