Released by Talonbooks in 2019.

Finalist, Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation, 2019

From the publisher: “Synapses depicts a vast society of differing psyches, all unique, idiosyncratic, and interconnected. Simon Brousseau’s beautifully crafted literary snapshots, each written in a single, stylistically accomplished sentence and featuring a different character, will linger with readers.”

Each snapshot, laid out two to a page, is a single meandering sentence brimming with a level of detail I would describe as baroque minimalist. (Pablo Strauss’s translation does a commendable job of grappling with the linguistic density on display here.) Brousseau’s use of the second-person voice has the effect of projecting these flashes onto the reader, laying bare the messy complexity of consciousness, the dance between the rational and irrational mind, and the hypocrisies that are fundamental to the human condition.

– Dean Garlick, Montreal Review of Books