Baloney, by Maxime Raymond Bock, was published by Coach House Books in November 2016. Read an early excerpt at


“You’ll read Baloney quickly. But you’re highly unlikely to read it only once.”
– Ian McGillis, The Montreal Gazette

“Although a distinctly Québécois flavour permeates the tale… Baloney is a novel charged with the type of broad, comic, and deeply human appeal that knows no borders.”
– Joseph Schreiber, The Rusty Toque

“A book about the life of a French-Canadian poet as much as it is a book about narrative itself.”
– Ben Wood, The Winnipeg Review

“Bock’s writing, and his story-telling, is first-rate (in Pablo Strauss’ assured translation), and the book is a convincing tale of a young writer…”
– M. A. Orthofer, The Complete Review